Discover the Healing Therapy of Shells and Sea Minerals

Get a lava shell massage treatment in Yakima, WA

Restore your muscles and relax your entire body with a lava shell massage today. Lava shell massages use tiger-striped clamshells harvested in the Philippines to massage the tense muscles in your body.

Each shell is heated and filled with algae, minerals and dried sea kelp. The heat from the shells and the minerals from the stuffing help relax and detoxify your body at Therapeutic Massage @ Salon Outback. Call 509-930-1092 to schedule an appointment today.

3 benefits of lava shell treatments

Treat yourself to a massage at Therapeutic Massage @ Salon Outback. Our lava shell massages help you:

  1. Relax: Your lava shell massage can be customized to your heat and pressure preferences for a massage that feels perfect for you.
  2. Soothes aches and pains.
  3. Improve blood circulation. A lava shell massage can get your blood pumping and brighten up your skin.

What are you waiting for? Experience the relaxing pleasure of a lava shell massage at Therapeutic Massage @ Salon Outback in Yakima, Washington as soon as possible.