Nourish Your Skin With a Moisturizing Massage in Yakima, WA

Let our professional massage therapist at Therapeutic Massage hydrate your hands and feet

Sometimes lotion isn’t enough to moisturize your skin, especially when it comes to your hands and feet. When they become uncomfortably dry and cracked, consider a refreshing paraffin treatment from Therapeutic Massage @ Salon Outback. Paraffin has a low melting temperature, so you can safely submerge your skin in it. Once your session’s over, your skin will look and feel incredibly soft and smooth.

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Paraffin works wonders for arthritis pain, too

Paraffin works wonders for arthritis pain, too

A wax treatment from Therapeutic Massage provides a warm, gentle means of conditioning your skin and soothing sore joints. After our massage therapist has used this technique on you, your skin will be softer and healthier. For hand and feet paraffin treatments as well as our lower leg and foot scrubs, we charge $15 for each 15-minute session. Your skin and joints will thank you once we’re done.

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