What’s the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Muscle Knots?

Get cupping therapy from Therapeutic Massage in Yakima, WA

Muscle knots (myofascial trigger points) can be stubborn and quite painful to knead away. That’s why Therapeutic Massage @ Salon Outback offers cupping therapy to efficiently break up knots. We use a suction cup to loosen and relax your muscles.

Our massage therapist is certified in cupping therapy. She’ll recommend this technique if she feels a knot while massaging you, or you may specifically request it.

While this treatment is primarily requested by athletes, anyone can benefit from a cupping therapy session. You must sign a release form prior to your session.

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You’ll move much easier when those painful knots are gone

You’ll move much easier when those painful knots are gone

Once you’ve experienced a cupping therapy session from Therapeutic Massage @ Salon Outback, you’ll feel so much better. Because this is an additional service, we charge an extra $10 for this treatment. If you’re tired of dealing with knots, this could be the perfect remedy for you.

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